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APL APOLLO Non-Pressure Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) Pipes are rigid no-lasticised pipes with good surface sturdiness and tensile resistance. They also come with a high compressive rating and pipe safety factor. With extensive use in underground drainage and sewerage systems, these PVC-U pipes are also manufactured for the conveyance of surface water and potable water. Internal and external discharge piping are also widely used in industrial and civil high buildings.

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Technical Specifications

APL Apollo CPVC Plumbing Pipes are manufactured as per the standards given below:


Good ageing resistance with normal lifetime up to 50 years

Good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and salts; suitable for sewerage and effluent disposal

Low co-efficient of friction of PVC-U results in efficient flow and less need of maintenance

A combustion-proof material at grade B2 with high oxygen value, which is self-extinguishing

The co-efficient of linear expansion is 0.007 mm/m. Thermal expansion of PVC-U pipe is less than polyolefin by 100% - 130%, low thermal conductivity and elastic modulus, better cold resistance than cast iron sewerage pipe

Solvent cement jointing pipes & fittings that are easy to handle and install

Available Sizes

63 MM to 400 MM

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Call to place your order via phone

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APL Apollo Underground Drainage Pipes are used for conveyance of domestic sewage, industrial waste, surface water, and potable water.

Frequently Asked Questions

APL Apollo’s underground drainage system is the ultimate solution for all underground piping needs. With a high compressive rating and pipe safety factor, our underground drainage system is ideal for major types of fluid transportation.   

The APL Apollo solvent cement is the most preferred choice for connecting underground pipes. It creates a perfect underground drainage system, which is easy to handle and install. This solvent makes the drainage system even more sturdy and durable, which can be used for a long time.

PVC is one of the best materials for underground pipes. It provides a strong and sturdy surface and high tensile resistance, making them apt for underground transportation needs.     

APL Apollo underground drainage system has the best-quality drain pipes that are strong, durable and robust. Made from a combustion-proof material under stringent quality, APL Apollo drain pipes provide good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and salts, which makes them efficient for use in sewage disposal.   

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