To be a globally recognized corporation for delivering quality products and services to its customers with excellence, governance, and fairness to each stakeholder including the society and environment we operate in.

Our Values
  • Integrity and Transparency

    A commitment to be ethical, sincere, and open in our dealings. To operate in spirit of the highest standards of corporate ethics.

  • Safety

    Strive to prevent accidents, injuries, and illness at work. To provide products that meet the highest safety standards.

  • Customer Delight

    A commitment to surpass our customer expectations. Be trendsetters in the industry by delivering exceptional performance.


To achieve our vision through business ethics, global reach, technological expertise, building long-term relationships with all our associates, customers, partners, and employees. While profitability is our goal, it is not without the recognition of the importance of community empowerment.

We understand that our business thrives when our community thrives. Therefore, we aim to strike a balance between achieving our financial objectives and making meaningful contributions to the communities in which we operate.

Our ESG Approach

At Apollo Pipes, sustainability has always been on our topmost agenda. We truly believe that in the long run, the companies which integrate sustainability with their business strategy will thrive and succeed. We have a strong focus on research and development and are constantly innovating to improve our products. We identify trends to create an extensive range of products that are safer, smarter and sustainable. Aligned to the needs of global markets, these products manifest our innovation and manufacturing expertise as we leverage technology to cater the constantly changing customer requirements.

Our new ESG framework, targets and action plan reflects our focus on ESG issues that we believe are core to our business. We continuously aspire to minimize waste, reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that our products are produced ethically and sustainably.

It involves adopting a systematic approach to engage with business partners which shall ensure increased awareness, better disclosure, improved sustainability performance and deep collaboration.

Product Sustainability

We aim to address the environmental impact of our operations with a strategic and long-term approach. Along with that, we also want our products to ensure the utmost environment protection, resource conservation and above all, take care of the well-being of our customers.

The key to successful product stewardship at Apollo Pipes Limited lies in Sustainable Pipes, Innovative sustainable products, and transparency to customers.

ESG Framework

ESG Vision & Mission

ESG Governance

ESG Focus Areas




Responsible Towards

ESG Performance Indicators and Targets

Responsible Communication

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