The Vital Role of Column Pipes in Borewell Systems: Exploring their Importance

Last Updated on 16 May 2024
Column Pipes in Borewell Systems

Importance of Borewell Column Pipes

Borewell system plays a crucial role in accessing groundwater for various applications, from agriculture to residential and industrial water supply. One of the key components of ensuring the efficiency and longevity of these systems is the borewell column pipes. Here we are going to discuss the essential role that column pipes play in the efficiency of borewell systems, focusing on their material, design and the significance of their features.


The selection of materials and technological advancements in borewell column pipe construction significantly influences their performance in borewell systems.  Generally, UPVC is used to manufacture the borewell column pipes as it is known for its robustness and chemical resistance. Borewell column pipes made of UPVC can withstand the corrosive elements present in groundwater ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse environmental conditions.

Design and Construction

Borewell column pipes are engineered with the utmost care to withstand the demanding conditions of submersible pump operations. The design of these pipes is crucial in ensuring their functionality and durability.

One of the noteworthy features of borewell column pipes should be their ultra-flexible nature, a quality derived from their construction with sturdy UPVC.  The flexibility enables these borewell column pipes to adapt to the dynamic movements and vibrations associated with the submersible pump's operation, providing resilience against shock and jerk loads.


The role of column pipes in borewell systems extends to their ability to endure significant system loads. Borewell system bears a complex load comprising the weight of the pump, the water being pumped, and the pipe itself. The system load capacity of these column pipes is a critical factor in determining the overall efficiency of borewell systems.

Longevity and Reliability

Good quality borewell column pipes are always durable and work efficiently in diverse environments. The longevity and reliability of borewell column pipes are indispensable in the water supply industry. Durable materials and construction ensure prolonged service life, preventing frequent replacements.  Reliable and quality pipes maintain uninterrupted water flow which is crucial for agricultural and domestic needs. Longevity and reliability in borewell column pipes not only reduce maintenance costs but also guarantee a consistent and efficient water supply. 

Weight and Tensile Load Capacity

Apart from their strength, borewell column pipes are very popular and recognized for their lightweight construction. This characteristic makes them easy to handle during installation and maintenance, contributing to the overall efficiency of the borewell system. The ultra-lightweight nature of these pipes makes the installation process very simple.

Despite their lightweight design, borewell column pipes need to exhibit exceptional tensile load capacity and it makes them suitable for applications where the pipes are subjected to significant stresses, ensuring they can withstand the forces exerted during pump operations. The combination of lightweight construction and high tensile load capacity makes these borewell column pipes a preferred choice for various borewell setups.

Leakproof Couplings

The integrity of a borewell system is heavily dependent on the leakproof nature of its components. Hence, quality borewell column pipes always address this concern with tightly secured leakproof couplings.

Versatility and Applications

The versatility of  borewell column Pipes makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in both residential and industrial settings. In residential spaces, these pipes are commonly used for domestic water supply, ensuring a consistent and reliable source of water for households. The lightweight and durable nature of the pipes make the installation very simple.

In industrial spaces, where the demand for water supply is very high, the borewell column pipes excel in meeting the requirements of submersible pumps. The borewell column pipes should be able to handle substantial system loads and endure harsh operational conditions.

It can be said that the vital role of column pipes in borewell systems cannot be overstated.  As technology continues to advance day by day, borewell column pipes may play even more critical role in optimizing the extraction of groundwater for various essential purposes.

APL Apollo’s Column Pipes

APL Apollo’s borewell column pipes are manufactured from durable UPVC and are specially crafted for submersible/borewells, ensuring robustness in challenging conditions. With an innovative thread design, these ultra-flexible pipes effortlessly withstand shock and jerk loads during operations. These borewell column pipes exhibit formidable chemical resistance and incorporate cutting-edge thick and thin technology, ensuring uniform thickness.

APL Apollo column pipes have the ability to bear substantial system loads, encompassing the pump, water, and pipe weight, without compromising safety. This is attributed to the super lock system and their proven longevity, with a successful track record spanning over a decade on a global scale.

Designed for submersible pumps, these pipes from APL Apollo are not only sturdy and resilient but also remarkably lightweight. They exhibit a great capacity to handle high tensile loads, and their leakproof couplings are securely fastened using superior nylon wire, surpassing traditional metallic alternatives. These borewell column pipes are available in various lengths. This piping system is widely employed to extract underground stream water with submersible pumps in both residential and industrial settings.


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