What is Sprinkler Irrigation System|what are its uses and benefits?

Last Updated on 12 January 2023
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Sprinkler Irrigation System: In this system water is sprinkled through a system or method of pipes similar to rainfall.  In this system, water is sprayed into the air and the entire soil surface is irrigated. It may be used for different types of crops and can be easily adapted to suit the specific requirements of the plants.

Sprinklers System is widely used in small as well large areas and is fit for use on all kinds of farmlands. There are three types of sprinklers as Low volume sprinklers, Medium volume sprinklers, and Large volume sprinklers. In addition to the agricultural sector, Sprinkler System is also used and suitable for residential, industrial, hotel, resorts, race courses, etc.

Why is Sprinkler Irrigation System used?

Sprinkler Irrigation System is one of the best methods of irrigation in the agricultural sector in India.  It is best for hilly regions, sandy lands, etc. Sprinkler irrigation is usually used because it is flexible and adaptable to almost all crops. Another point is that it is very cost-effective and affordable. The sprinkler System does not require much labour.  Sprinkler Irrigation  System is used due to its ability to evenly distribute water over a large area, which helps to support healthy growth in crops.

Benefits of using a Sprinkler Irrigation System

The sprinkler Irrigation System is best suited for all types of field conditions except dense clay soil. In Sprinkler System, water is distributed uniformly with high efficiency. By going through this Sprinkler System, water is used in a judicious manner. It is easy to operate and has lower labour costs.  While sprinkling, soluble manures, fungicides, and herbicides can be supplemented in water before the crops are sprinkled. One of the major advantages of the Sprinkler System is that it can cover large areas or fields. When water is sprinkled through this method, it removes the dust particles from the surface of the plants. It increases the photosynthesis process in the plants and also raises the production of the crop. By going through Sprinkler System, we can also shield the crop from frost damage. With the help of this method, fertilizers are well-absorbed by plants. As a matter of fact, by using the Sprinkler Irrigation System, around 40-50 percent of water can be saved.

APL APOLLO Sprinkler Irrigation System

APL APOLLO Sprinkler Irrigation System is a unique and multipurpose irrigation system. It is intended to ensure maximum water saving, combining high quality, affordability, and ease of installation.It is flexible to almost all irrigable soils and has a wide range of discharge capacities.

APL APOLLO’s Sprinkler Irrigation System is manufactured and developed out of high-strength and chemical-resistant plastics. It is very cost-effective. Sprinkler System’s quality testing is carried out in the well-equipped ultramodern laboratory.  Apart from it, the practical performance of the Sprinkler System is also tested in the field.

Why choose the APL Apollo Sprinkler Irrigation system?

APL APPOLLO’s Sprinkler System is perfect for use in all field crops such as wheat, pulses, and gram as well as vegetables, tea, cotton, soya bean, coffee, and other fodder crops.  APL Apollo Sprinkler Irrigation System is UV stabilized with high strength and durability. It has superior flow and leak-proof joining.  It is chemical resistant, and easy to operate, transport, and install. Due to its commitment to quality and satisfaction, APL APOLLO’S Sprinkler System is very popular and the ultimate choice for quality-driven customers. 

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