Difference Between PVC And SWR Pipes|Features And Applications

Last Updated on 28 December 2022

PVC Pipe (Polyvinyl Chloride)

In the past, pipes were made of metal and concrete and their installation and fitting costs were high. Due to their various features and applications, PVC pipes are preferred nowadays. PVC pipes are very popular among plumbers, contractors, engineers, and all other concerned professionals. PVC pipes have an edge over metal pipes as they are corrosion-resistant.They are lightweight as compared to traditional pipes made of metal. 

Features of PVC Pipes

Flexibility and versatility: PVC pipes are very flexible and versatile and strong enough to withstand the atrocities of weather conditions.  Their versatility can be viewed in a wide range of applications such as pipes, cables, window frames, floor coverings, roofing, etc. 

Resistance to crack: PVC pipes are resistant to cracks.These pipes are made from rigid PVC compound thus; these Pipes themselves have the ability to yield under-loading without cracking.                                                                        

Non-toxic: PVC pipes are non-toxic and made of safe material and have been used widely by the world as they are time-tested and well-researched pipes across the world.                                                                                                

Smooth and free-flow of water or other liquid: In the process of manufacturing pipes, one of the main concerns of the manufacturer is to ensure flow rate and pressure and thus PVC Pipes provide smooth water flow reducing the opportunity for probable blockages and failures in the system with many connections. In PVC pipes water flows freely with maximum pressure. This free flow of water also helps stop the potential build-up in sewage and wastewater systems. It leads to lower maintenance costs and more efficient working of pipes. 

Best suited for smooth jointing: PVC pipes are easy to tighten at joints and their joint system has outperformed the traditional pipe products while installing and fitting work.APL Apollo Pipes is the leading PVC pipe manufacturer in India. These pipes are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and as per international standards. 

SWR Pipes(Soil, Waste, and Rainwater) 

SWR pipes refer to soil, waste, and rainwater pipes for the drainage system. In the modern world, the sewerage system has become very complicated and its efficiency is completely dependent on the quality of the pipes.  SWR pipes are used widely in residential and commercial applications.  The main raw material of SWR pipes is uPVC.  uPVC is known as Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride as it is a  low-maintenance building material.

Features of SWR Pipes

Durability: SWR pipes have high ductile strength making them reliable and durable.  The sturdiness of these pipes enables them to be viable for industrial and domestic purposes such as applications for sewerage and drainage systems. These SWR pipes made of uPVC material provide a valuable lifelong trouble-free performance. 

Chemical, fire, and corrosion resistance: SWR pipes are chemical resistance, fire resistance, and corrosion resistant. These pipes do not rust or corrode. These are resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, and other Lightweight:  The SWR pipes are easy to transport or move which makes their hassle—free handling and installation.  They are rough enough to withstand all kinds of friction.

Easy to Maintain: The SWR pipes are easy to maintain due to the smooth inside dia and door caps which make them smooth and cleanable. 

Safety: The SWR pipes are safe for the environment and perfect for outdoor applications. Apart from it, they can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.These pipes are widely used for waste management and thus, they are manufactured with highly advanced rubber ring seals that lessen any chances of leakage.  These pipes need to be completely leak-proof for the fast and safe removal of waste. 

Economical and cost-effective: The SWR pipes are cost-effective as the pipes have lower installation and maintenance costs. Due to their lightweight, these are easy to install, handle and transport.The SWR pipes manufactured by APL Apollo SWR Piping System are a durable and economical product for the drainage of soil waste & rainwater application in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. 

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