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India is structurally a country of villages and around two-thirds of its population depends on agriculture for their livelihood, thus, India is called an agricultural country, and agriculture plays a vital role in our life and economy. Farmers are like the backbone of India. Farmers produce food crops and oilseeds for all the people of the country. They also produce commercial crops. Farmers carry out various duties but their primary tasks are planting, cultivating, executing post-harvest duties, and overseeing livestock.

Keeping in view the importance of farmers and soldiers, our former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri raised the slogan ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan. Apart from it, National Farmer Day or  Kisan Diwas is observed on 23rd December to mark the birth anniversary of great farmer leader and former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh. 


Farmers produce several raw materials for our industries. Agro-based industries Cotton textile, jute, silk, woolen textile, sugar and vegetable oil and so on industries are based on raw materials obtained from the agriculture sector. These raw materials are converted into industrial goods and there is great demand of these goods in the market. The textile industry,Sugar industry, vegetable, and oil industry, tea industry, leather industry, dairy industry, and food processing industry have their own importance in our economy because they contribute significantly to industrial production contributing in the growth of GDP. Thus, farmers also play a major role in nation-building.  Our agriculture sector contributes around 14% of the country's total GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It provides livelihoods to more than half of India’s population. Farmers have a great role in nation-building.   


The government of India has taken several steps to improve the condition of farmers and to provide them relief. Some of them are National Mission For Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA), Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY), Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY), Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY), Micro Irrigation Fund scheme, Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region (MOVCDNER), Kisan Credit Card (KCC), Soil Health Card, PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, Kisan Tractor Scheme, Kisan Mitra Yojana, Krishi Udan Yojana, Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme, PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme, Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme, Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana. These plans have been made so that the son of the soil does not get discouraged and keeps motivated to carry out his duties as usual. 


According to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, India’s agricultural sector grew at a  4.1 percent rate in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2022 (at constant prices), up from 2.8 percent during the corresponding period of the previous financial year. At current prices, agriculture and allied activities grew by 15.2 percent in the fourth quarter. This was 6.2 percent during the corresponding period of FY21.


A farmer is also called the son of the soil, be it rich or poor, everyone's life depends on the hard work of the farmer. The farmer grows crops by toiling from dawn to dusk in his fields regardless of heat, rain cold, or any other atrocious weather conditions.  The grains grown by him satisfy the hunger of billions of people in the whole country. In fact, they are the breadwinners of the nations.

Farmers produce for our survival. They give their blood and sweat to grow the grains so that nation does not sleep on a hungry stomach.  The farmer works very hard starting from the preparation of the field to harvest the crop and his life is full of continuous struggle and hard work.  


APL Apollo has a variety of PVC pipes for agricultural use. Their quality products have helped immensely farmers in their agricultural activities.

Pressure Piping System

PVC pipe

APL APOLLO Pressure Piping System is an ideal solution for water supply and irrigation with its wide range of Pipes & Fittings in various sizes and pressure classes. Pressure piping system has become the prime choice of farmers across the country.These pipes offer a maintenance-free solution for a longer and corrosion-free service life of more than 50 years.

Casing Pipes

casing pipe





APL Apollo offers casing pipes for bore well applications to cater to every need of the bore well sector.They help the farmers in irrigation work by providing clear water from the bore wells.

Column Pipes

column pipe





APL Apollo Column Pipes have been specially designed and manufactured for submersible/bore well under stringent quality standards. They can be used with submersible and jet pumps for agricultural irrigation. These column pipes are designed uniquely to withstand shock and jerk load during operation.

HDPE Pipes & Sprinkler System 

sprinkler system apl apollo





APL Apollo HDPE Pipe and Sprinkler system is also very helpful and useful to farmers. Sprinkler Irrigation is a method of applying irrigation water that is similar to rainfall. Water is distributed through a system of pipes usually by pumping. HDPE sprinkle system is suitable for almost all field crops like wheat, gram, and pulses as well as vegetables, cotton, soya bean, tea, coffee, and other fodder crops.

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